Schedule of events for the VINP

The VINP usually has several events each week. 

There are a couple that I have never done before:

  • Hike L’esperance Trail
  • Archeology Lab Meet & Greet (Cinnamon Bay)
  • Cultural History Demonstrations (Annaberg)
  • SkyWatch (Salt Pond Beach)

More info is here: 

I am happy to see the L’esperance Trail hike on the list.  I have been down the trail, but at a time when it was not maintained. 

Interview with Bob Garrison, the Trail Bandit has a great interview with Bob Garrison on their website.  It is definitely worth reading.  The Trail Bandit map is THE best map for StJ.  The Trail Bandit is a controversial figure, but he loves StJ…
My favorite pull from the interview – Emphasis MINE:
“The Park is being run by “Protection Rangers”, also known as Cops or Goons with Guns. They do very little to help a tourist get to know the park or give information. They ARE IN CHARGE and their ticket pad is never far from their hand. Ever since Superintendent Mark Hardgrove retired, they have been deleting hiking trails from the park by enforced neglect. It is sad to watch and I choose not to watch. Remember, the National Parks belong to the people. The Parks are to be maintained so that people can come visit them and enjoy the experience. The Park Service is supposed to maintain the place and preserve the old buildings, roads, trails, etc. for the enjoyment of future generations. If you look around Virgin Islands National Park you can judge how good a job they are doing. It is not supposed to be a retirement home for Superintendents.”